Powder Coater Podcast

Episode 22: Powder Coating International Edition

January 27, 2021

Episode 22: Powder Coating International


<hawaiian music>Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a powder coater on a distant island in the pacific? <scratch>No silly.. not Maui Powder Works.

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Today RossKote is traveling to faraway places to uncover powder coating on other islands from Down Under to the land of the rising sun.

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What do they do differently than you? What challenges do they face? What equipment do they use? Who do they order from? We answer these questions and more when the podcast goes international... featuring well-known coaters like Benny from S&S Powder Coating in Queensland, Steve from Powder Coating Okinawa & Dale a hobbyist from Victoria just starting out.

pauda kota gemu  no ude wo ageru junbi wo shinasai


Get ready to level up your powder coater game! 


Guest 1:

Steve Anzaldua - Powder Coating Okinawa from Okinawa, JP



Guest 2:

Benny Hassum - S&S Powder Coating from Queensland, AU



Guest 3:

Dale Williams - Garage Coater/Hobbyist from Victoria, AU

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