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Episode 16: F**k it! Powder Coating Uncut with Ashton Palmer

December 2, 2020

Episode 16: F**k it! Powder Coating Uncut with Ashton Palmer


In this episode, my featured coater interview goes bust! I usually have a set format when interviewing coaters but today’s interviewee breaks the mold. Everything is different about him ...in a good way! He leads with heart first...Ashton Palmer is a true artist with a deep love of powder coating  & a passion for myth-busting the trade.

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This guy is easy to talk to as we roll through topics like 

  • How the coating industry is evolving from the bottom up
  • The artists’ way & subtleties of Powder coating
  • The need for top-down technology to serve us better
  • Creating a better platform for the free-flow of  ideas & information
  • Listen Up Jimmy O’Malley -A great tip on coating CANDYS

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 Will I ever get to his story? Find out. Get ready to level up your powder coater game! 

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