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Episode 45: Fishing New Customer Streams to Bring Home the Greens

March 31, 2022

Episode 45: Fishing New Customer Streams to Bring Home the Greens


Powder coating contributes about 11B  every year to the 155B dollar coatings world. That's only about 12% of the market and 2600 Kilo Tons of powder free of toxic, messy solvents. As custom coaters we know, it's one of the biggest selling points to our industry. So why doesn't the avg consumer, searching for green products know more about these safer, more green finishes? Today we speak with Andrew Pace, a green coatings specialist that helps everyday people find sustainable solutions for healthier environments in their homes, & businesses. He covers the single most important way we can market ourselves to get the word out better to attract new business. Get ready to level up your powder coater game!

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