Powder Coater Podcast

Episode 5: Pricing! Knowing What You’re Worth

August 9, 2020

The topic of pricing just doesn’t seem to go away. And like most quality custom coaters that I talk to out there, I find them to be humble honest hardworking people. So if you’re good shouldn’t you get paid what you’re worth? 

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In this episode, we are going to tackle Pricing! Knowing what you’re Worth. My approach to this subject is both technical & practical. First, an interview with Terry Peterson, who has 40 years in the business of powder coating & now consults coaters like us. He’s seen it all. The 2nd part will be Ross, owner of Maui Powder Works who has a very no stress method to his estimating. Stick around to hear each way to determine the best way for you We're dropping lots of nuggets of wisdom along the way.

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