Powder Coater Podcast

Episode 50: Reclaim Your Blast Media With Aloha

September 14, 2022

Episode 50: Reclaim Your Blast Media With Aloha


Welcome back to the powder coater podcast. And I have to say it's good to be back! After my co-host/husband… Ross got into a serious motorcycle accident in may we decided to take a break from production over the summer to focus on getting him healed and back to work. He’s improved a lot and found some new perspectives along the way. Also I would like to announce that this is our 50th podcast interview! We are so grateful for your listenship and support of the show. Remember when you first started dreaming of your very own powder coater shop with all your ideal equipment..you know before you started putting pen to paper and adding us all the costs. Chances are.. you landed on our next guests website & went to bed dreaming of your perfect blast set up.  Today Brandon Acker, president of titan abrasive, is here to talk about blasting, specifically reclaim systems. Perhaps your dreams could be in reach. It's a topic not discussed before so I am excited to get into it! Get ready to level up your powder coater game!

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